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Sonny Varela is the current UK Kizomba Champion and 3rd World Kizomba Champions at AfricAdancar International Kizomba competition with her dancer partner.

Sonny French born originally from Cape Verde, grew up dancing Passada, Funana, Kuduro, Mazurka, Coupe Decale and Ndombolo.

She danced Samba with Taste of Brazil, African traditional and modern dance (Azonto and Afrobeat) with Yemaya Libota.

She has been dancing Kizomba for 9 years and teaching for 6 years. Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music originating in Angola.
Originally in London with no fellow Palops (Portugese African speaking colonials), she shared her love of Kizomba by teaching Passada (steps) from which Kizomba is a derivative of, to friends. Following her love of fashion she set up her fashion brand of Bijoulili (, which retails her designer collection of jewellery and clothing including her renowned “Ginga Boo Chain” that enhance the body movement while dancing for the ladies fusing her love of dance and fashion.

Her reasons for teaching Kizomba include “the passion of the dance, the feeling, the connection, the emotion and how that brings people together in a fun filled environment”.

Her philosophy about Kizomba :

“Kizomba is like having a conversation with two connected bodies, ‘he’ communicates the movements, ‘she’ listens and replies”.

She has recently set up SVPromotions event with workshop, classes, mini weekender, festival to the bring dance community together, by focusing Kizomba, Urban Kiz Semba Afro beats and more…

Dance is about expressing yourself through body movement to music. The music is part of the inspiration, we all have songs that make us want to move, but is having the confidence to express yourself fully sometimes missing? But why? There is no right or wrong way as its your own personal style. How can you develop your own style? Simply experiment playfully, dance is not a test!!

Just like a child discovering new food flavours, you simply expand your experiences by trying new food flavours building up your preferences as you go and even inspiring new recipes however bizarre. The same can be done with dance. The more styles of dance you play with the deeper your understanding of your body movement will become, you will discover more about yourself; are you a disco diva or a funky hunk!! And you will be inspired to creatively dance your dance.

Introduction video

Introduction video

Introduction video

TESTIMONIALSsuccess stories

  • Thank you so much Sonny! It was such a lovely time .. the dances were divine, the music was awesome, we learnt these great moves. Honestly it was the best 🙂

    Jennie Russell

  • Merci à toi . C'était un grand plaisir . Les anglaises 😍😜

    Minos Ks

  • Sonny last night was great! Great music and great dancers! Thank you sweetie! Will see you next week for more <3

    Patricia Marcekiewiczck

  • Such an amazing weekend with such talented dancers and teachers!! Thank you so much Sonny for all your hard work to bring it all together!! xx

    Jessica Usher

  • What a day thank you very much for a great teachers and the people was amazing. And I need to practice my moves 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mario Morena

  • Had a great weekend with you guys. Thank you x

    Antonia Edwards

  • What a great weekend - special thanks to the beautiful and elegant teachers Dywen and Nina Ysnel and to Sonny Varela for all your hard work 😊 Long live Urban Kiz! xx

    Kathy Greenwood


    Nina Ysel

  • Yep, great time and excellent lesson. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and thanks for the dances !

    Jane Peakin

  • I will always hear Dywen's slogan "dance; don't walk" and "express yourself" especially if I watching the dance floor 😂😂😂 had a great time with you Sonny Varela, Nina, and Dywen and the taxi dancers, who were friendly, approachable and always made themselves available! I'm learning more and more with more exposure to this style of dance and enjoying it much💞 here's to expressing ourselves & feel no way😜

    Janet Coombs

  • I just have to repeat myself: This was amazing yesterday as well! Thank you Nina, Dywen (big thank you for the dances!), Sonny, all the taxi dancers, and dancers. And of course Mario - loved your groovy Urban Kiz tracks, please keep rocking 🙂 After this Urban Kiz weekend - feeling now like I am no longer just surviving a challenging UrbanKiz dance but living it and having time to notice what I am actually doing and what to adjust next time. Surely also because of Dywen's slogan "dance, don't walk" and "express yourself", and also because of all the great dances. THANK YOU Nina and Dywen again!

    Katia Kliewer

  • We have just got back to Paris - OMG that was an excellent weekend 😄 Thank you all for your hospitality, your energy and your involvement in the workshop. We hope we helped you enjoy the Urban Kiz dance more with our way & style Sonny Varela, thank you so much for your inviting us. Keep up your good work. We loved it 😃 Trudy thank you! Our team BORN2KIZ Josny CameusoIza Verin Jade Layana ElidjahJMinos Ksinos thank you for being with us. Big thank you all for your positive feedback that drive us forward, and makes us stronger to continue our passion 😉 "EXPRESS YOURSELF " ❤ NY&D

    Dywen l Haitian